Your wedding dress is fine.

Introducing the start of a new blogging adventure…


“Don’t worry, your wedding dress is fine!” I use these words to put my brides at ease, at the start of every call I make to almost every one of them.

Even though the reason I’m likely to be calling is just to remind them to bring their bra and shoes for their fitting, I know the assumption for almost all brides is: if the dressmaker or bridal shop is calling unexpectedly, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY DRESS?!”

That assumption inspired me to start this blog – WELCOME! I hope you’ll find it useful, interesting and maybe a little bit entertaining.

I would LOVE for every bride to feel relaxed, confident and free to express her taste and personality on her wedding day. For this to happen, I think the wedding industry needs to share information honestly and openly with each bride, so she fully understands how things work, and what the options are, so can feel fully in control of her choices.

I’ll aim to help do this by turning you into an armchair expert on wedding dresses, whether you buy your dress from a shop, an overseas website, or have it made for you. I’ll be sharing with you my lifetime of wedding dress design and dressmaker’s experience and advice.

Among many other topics, we’ll explore how to choose a dress; how dresses are constructed; weight-change; fittings; back-cleavage; made-to-measure versus made-to-order; alterations; shoes; bras and bustling.

There will also be news of exciting developments and events, such as our upcoming “Perfect Fit” event at , with wedding blogger Kat Williams of

And you’ll be the first to see inspiring images of our own creative brides’ weddings, featuring the unique dresses they designed with our “Design Your Own Wedding Dress” collection. Each of these brides’ gowns may have been stitched by us, but ultimately we’re just the makers– our job is to ensure her dress reflects HER dream.

And by the way, always remember: Your fiancé didn’t put a disclaimer on your proposal, requiring you to be like everyone else. So give yourself a break – you’re loved for being yourself, why not embrace it… and show it on your wedding day?

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