Alex Bleim dancing in our Barley Sprites Film

Introducing Alex Bleim, dancer in our upcoming “Barley Sprites” film


Many thanks to Caroline for having me on as a guest blogger!

My name is Alex and I am a professional dancer/choreographer originally from Vancouver, Canada. After graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto, I decided I needed a little adventure… and now I am writing this in my new flat in London! I moved to the UK three and half months ago to further my career as a performer and my life has been go go go every since. Between, teaching, talking classes and auditioning, I am loving every minute of my new chaotic life.

Anyone in the performing arts will tell you that the audition process is BRUTAL. You learn to develop thick skin and not get emotionally attached to the process. In most auditions, you are given a number, taught a routine, and asked to perform it in small groups. There can be anywhere from 25 – 200 people at an audition. Most of the time, you get one chance (two if you’re lucky) to show them the routine. Afterwards, they’ll cut 50% of the people (and it could be purely based on your look) and then repeat the process.

Every audition is different, but I knew “The Barley Sprite Project” was special from the moment I walked into the room.

  1. The environment was relaxed. Caroline and Simon (our director) greeted us with friendly smiles and warm energy.
  2. There were no numbers. They both had taken the time to learn our names!
  3. It was a small group of approximately 10 girls which gave it a very intimate feel. We also didn’t have to fight each other for space which was a bonus.
  4. Every ‘across the floor’ exercise we were taught we performed 3 or 4 times. This allowed us to actually dance and perform oppose to panic and think about the steps.
  5. They asked us to perform our own solos (which we were forewarned to prepare ahead of time) and we were given two chances to perform them (what a gift!).

Note from Caroline here… if you’d like to see it, watch Alex’s audition solo

It felt like ever measure had been taken to make us feel as safe and comfortable as possible. I have never been so at ease at an audition. Most auditions feel like a cattle call, but I left that day feeling like I had been truly seen… not only as a dancer, but as a person as well. Now getting to know Caroline and her brand a little better, her and Simon’s approach to the audition makes perfect sense. They created a safe space for us to perform and show our venerability, just like Caroline creates a safe space for her brides to feel comfortable when they walk into her magical workshop.

This project is my first official dance project in London and I feel nothing by gratitude. I feel so fortunate to work with Caroline, who is excellent at communicating her vision, Simon, who is so caring and nurturing and my fellow dancers who are all extremely talented and lovely to work with! We’ve had two amazing days of choreography/rehearsal and things are starting to fit together. Stay tuned! We cannot wait to share our magical project with you!

PS If you want to follow me on more of my London adventures check out my website I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

Amazing photography by Joanna Moss Photography , wedding photographer in Vancouver.

Stunning hair and make up by Radiant Beauties (Krista Gruen)

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