Cherese Binedell dancing in our Barley Sprites film


My name is Cherese Binedell, I am a dancer and Pilates instructor. Here is how my journey to become part of this project began.

Beep! Audition alerts comes through on my phone and I’m thinking here we go again a mass audition for a film project that I know nothing about. Any ways I’ll apply hopefully I’ll get invited but you never know what they want. A week goes by and yes I’ve got an invite to the audition held in Woking, bargain it’s a 20min drive away from home. It’s now the day of the audition and I’m anticipating queues of dancers waiting to be seen but nope it’s a few thoroughly selected group of dancers. This is such a relief. Simon (Videographer/film producer/cameraman) and Caroline (the Couture designer) give us a brief description of the film project and this is starting to sound like a lovely project to be a part of. The audition begins with a class taught by Sara and continues on to some small routines from the corner. This is a refreshing change from the normal audition process of, learn a routine in next to no time and dance in it full out in groups of 5 and then you are either through or not. At no time do I actually feel I am in an audition, it just feels like class. Now after the class we have to showcase our solos, oops I forgot to mention we had to choreograph our own solos. It’s been quite some time since I’ve done so but I must say it was actually quite fun and it definitely stirred up some new creativity in my own choreographic style. Did my solo twice through and then home time…audition is done.

By the end of the week my phone rings and its Simon saying you’ve got the job. Yippy! Rehearsals start in two weeks.

The concept of this project is wonderful. We are showcasing how a Bride can actually have a say in what her very special dress will look like and what styles truly suit her and so have a dress designed to perfectly suit her. This way the bride will not feel pressurised into wearing something because it’s the latest trend or because the shop assistant just wants to sell it to her. She has control over this wonderful process. I can’t say anymore, you’ll just have to stay tuned to Caroline Arthur’s website for more.

Thank you Cherese for this lovely guest blog.

Beautiful photography by Marilyn Taylor

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